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What we offer

Carousel Ranch is primarily a boarding facility. We purchase a nice soft grass hay with a bit of alfalfa in it that all horses can eat. It is not too hard to chew, and they love it. In addition, we provide senior feed, Purina Strategy, and oats for our full care and pasture boarded horses.

There are several levels of care available to our boarders:

Full careHorses have their own stall, are turned out daily into the pasture, brought in at night, stalls cleaned daily, hay and grain provided, fly masks on and off no charge. $500–$600 per month, depending on size of stall
Pasture board Horses live in pasture; shelter, water and salt provided, hay provided if necessary, owner to feed grain outside of pasture. We look horses over daily, but do not remove horses out of field to do so. $400
Partial care A limited number of stalls are available in the upper barn for this level of care. These boarders rent a stall from us, provide their own feed and bedding, clean their stall daily and handle their own horse. We have pastures available for your horse, separate from the full care and pasture-boarded horses, so you can bring your horse in to the stall at your convenience and we can feed the other horses on our schedule. You MUST clean your stall daily and feed/water your horse daily. Failure to do so may jeopardize your ability to use this level of care. Arrangements are sometimes made between other partial care boarders to share chores.$200 per month; add $50 per month if you would like us to turn your horse out in the morning for you
Trailering inIndividuals who do not board their horses at Carousel Ranch may trailer-in with their horses to use the facilities from time to time. We ask that these guests sign a release form at the first visit. Before you leave, you must put away any equipment or horse toys you used and clean up after your horse. Carousel Ranch reserves the right to deny this privilege to individuals when timing is not convenient or to individuals that do not share our basic philosophy. $10 per horse, per visit
EventsWe occasionally have clinics or visiting instructors at Carousel Ranch. The trailer-in rates would apply for these times. All individuals participating in these clinics must sign a Carousel Ranch release form. $10 per horse
LessonsFor lessons, contact Anne Bohannon. Approved outside trainers are allowed to give lessons here once we have received a copy of their liability insurance with Carousel Ranch named as being covered. Varies